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What sound can you hear when I said…”
“Apa bunyi yang awak dengar bila saya sebut…”
“小朋友,这是什么笔画呢? “e.g.: 人—》撇、捺。

We use this teaching method in the classroom to get the children attention when the teacher says words to exaggerate every sound of English and Malay. Language plays an essential role as it becomes one of the tools for us to communicate. Our children have the power to absorb everything, especially language. As Maria Montessori said: “Everything you said to your child is absorbed, catalogued and remembered.” While in the lesson, children listen, absorb from teachers. Then they apply it by using their Montessori tools such as a sizeable movable alphabet, sandpaper tray, etc.The fun way of language is to make the children curious and explore why some of the words share the same sounds in Bahasa and English. It is also the next step for them to discover more about another language.

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