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Montessori education is unique and groundbreaking in that it incorporates cultural and peace education.
Over one hundred years ago, Dr. Maria Montessori wrote, “The child is both the hope and a promise for mankind.” Montessori children gain a worldview from a young age. Children begin to realize that they are part of a larger community.
Maria Montessori’s goal was to promote global understanding and international peace.
This understanding begins with geography and cultural lessons.
Through cultural lessons, children become aware of where they live in the world. Young children learn to identify the continents and many countries.
Their world expands. Montessori cultural lessons expose children to different people and their cultures. These lessons include how people have adapted to different climates, homes, clothing, food, and customs.
Through continent and cultural studies, children learn about the interconnectedness of all life on earth.
The journey continues in the Elementary curriculum with lessons in Cosmic Education.
Chinese New Year is one of the most important festivals.
We introduced the children to the origin of the Chinese New Year and its traditions. We believed that all the children could explore the world more if we provided cultural lessons.
The children are excited to know more about the festivals that we celebrated. Perhaps, it’s time to let them expand their world.


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