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I remembered when I was young, my parents used to told me that learning are meant to be shared. However, when I grew up, especially in my secondary years I have noticed that “sharing” is no longer a trend. But I am very lucky to have a group of friends that always ready to shared their founding. The term “sharing” have make me learned more and brought great happiness in my learning milestones.

Today’s our Montessori children handed their learning log about Palaeolithic Age assignment and they gave me a “wow!” “Wow” is because their effort and they have learn how to simplified their informations! We know that Palaeolithic Age have a very long history period but our children are able to summarize the information into their understanding. I am very glad and amazed that children have such a learning power within themselves.

“If you give a boat to a child, she will sail it to the sea. If you give a shovel to a child, he will discover the Earth…but if you give freedom to a child, she will explore, discover and expand beyond the horizon!”

by Samantha



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