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There is no way that could be right,
And there is no way too much conflict between which and which.
We can blend essence in many ways,
Flexible in applying to the child,
The focus is on improving the behavioral emotions of the child and promoting the development of his ability level,
Education is what we are aiming for them.
You’ll discover if you know more about children,
Actually, in the process of dealing with behavioral issues,
The easier you take control,
Able to provide strategic, operational support to improve children’s behavioral-emotional problems according to their needs.
Kids these days are going to find out that someone hates me!
Inside a pine tree,
has contained all the potential of becoming a pine tree,
But to be a pine tree,
Still need nutrients, water, and light,
And the tree’s nature is already in it.
Every child has the same resources,
Great potential in both of them,
It’s just that the nutrients we give it are different from the environment.


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