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I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the Green Meadows Montessori Chinese New Year Open House Celebration last week. I have always been very interested to understand how a full Montessori School really works and especially how the children are guided toward self-led learning. It was an eye opening experience indeed and I believe that Montessori provides an excellent way to build independence and the love for learning in a child. I personally have researched homeschooling and feel that this could be a great option for parents who are unable or don’t want to home-school but still want to build the self-lead learning capabilities of their child.

Green Meadows Montessori accepts children as young as 2 years old provided they are potty trained and it goes all the way to primary 6. Their school grounds are impressive. They are located in a purpose-built stand alone building built by the developer for a preschool and have recently taken over from the previous operator for about 2-3 years ago. Children study in a large airy “classroom” that has a lot of natural lighting and an amazing and huge selection of Montessori tools & equipment, a fully equipped miniature stainless steel kitchen (it is really so cute and just the right height and size for the children!) A fully equipped science laboratory, a music room and library. Right behind the building is the public playground where I understand the children have an opportunity to play on a daily basis to enhance their physical fitness and learning of nature! Play is so important to children as this young tender age! Did I mention that they also have cute little baby size WCs for the children??!! (Absolutely adorable)

What a conducive learning area for the children to explore!

Check out all the equipment and open area for the children!

The awesome kitchen deserves a photo on its own!

Currently they have about 27 preschool and kindergarten children. The teachers don’t really teach however they facilitate the child’s learning and encourages them to learn important life skills and curiosity to become a whole person. The teachers observe all the children and works with the child on whatever interests the him or her! Personally, I only remember kindy to be a place where I learnt to do my ABCs and run wild outside during recess!

The CNY event was excellent as it showcased the development of the children and its possibilities. I saw children as young as 3-4 years old present a singing performance and slightly older children who made the effort to put up a puppet show about the Story of Chinese New Year. This is the story about a horrible demon creature name “Nian”. (Here you can read the story) I understand that the children spent time and effort to prepare the props themselves which is so impressive. Children are capable of so much if only we would give them the opportunity!

The cutie pies signing the Chinese New Year song!

Primary Students Performing the story of the “Nian”

After all the performances, the school prepared a long table to toss the Yee Sang for prosperity and good luck which is a must for Chinese New Year. It was then a time for parents and teachers to mingle together and connect over delicious food and snacks contributed by the parents for the event. On top of that the school organised calligraphy and Chinese paper cutting decoration activities for everyone by non other than their own principal Ms Sophie Lee.

Finally to end the festivities for the day, another must for the Chinese New Year is the Lion Dance to usher in good luck and fortune for everyone! The children were so excited and happy at the antics and loud drums of the perfoming troupe. Indeed an experience that I believe the children would remember! Some even decided to try and imitate the dance moves of the troupe with the miniature lion costume that the school has! Children are such a delight!

Kiddos having fun doing their own lion dance complete with drums!

I am happy to report that it didn’t just end there. It was heartwarming to watch all the children (including the toddlers) contribute to putting away the tables and cleaning up the school to prepare for the next day. I have two children and wouldn’t it be fantastic if they could pick up after themselves? But that is exactly what Montessori teaches, that a child is a whole person, whatever and however we behave/speak towards the child we also do it to the adult version of the child. Mind boggling I know…

Tidying up for the next school day

What a wonderful and exciting way for children to be introduced to the cultures & traditions of our Chinese New Year in Malaysia! I believe that many of them would be sharing their experiences with their parents, excitedly recalling the events of the day and talking how much they enjoyed the time with their school mates! Another 3 days of celebrations left! Gong Xi Fatt Chai and may the year of the Dog bring you and your loved ones good health, prosperity and happiness!

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