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About discipline,
Montessori believes that discipline is a positive state,
is built on the foundation of freedom.
A man as quiet as a mute, as a deaf man, is not as disciplined,
These kinds of people are being wiped out.
Positive discipline includes a noble principle of education,
It is entirely different from the immolation that is generated by coercion.
She said: The public school assigns a place for every child.
Restricting them to their bench and not being able to activate,
to provide a child with special disciplinary education and require children to line up,
Keep quiet and so on.
Such disciplinary education is impossible to achieve its purpose.
Because the cultivation of discipline cannot rely on propaganda and preaching, nor accusations of mistakes,
Instead, it develops in the activities of nature.
She believes that children’s actions should be voluntary,
is a natural potential trend,
It can’t impose on them.

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