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Children at the elementary stage enjoy herd learning. Pandemic separate from their friends and keep themselves learning at home. This situation not only affects the physical but also psychological states of both children and adults.

Previously, some children are isolated to have private classes. However, we can see these children begins to demotivate in learning lack of friends interactions and encouragement.

Observing the children response, we have adjusted the timetable to regroup the children. The regrouping and the participation of group projects did help children to enjoy the lesson with others gradually.

I am glad a senior boy volunteered to pair with a junior for a project to help them with his experience.

Friday is the most relaxing day because the Lower and Upper Elementary children are joining together for their art and craft and their music movement lesson. They are very excited and happy to see each other and starts chit-chatting. Peers are essential in children learning as well as for their psychological development.

“Children are like tiny flowers: They are varied and need care, but each is beautiful alone and glorious when seeing in the community of peers.”

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