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Kindergarten & Primary School
′′ Spread your wings
Graduation ceremony in the clouds
       🎓 🎓 🎓 🎓 🎓 🎓  
Due to the influence of the epidemic,
I can’t hold my graduation ceremony this year as usual,
In order not to leave regrets for the kids to graduate.
We decided to raise a temperature, meaningful cloud graduation ceremony.
It’s not just a graduation ceremony full of ritual sense,
It should also be a memory of a child’s life that he can’t forget!
Although this graduation ceremony can’t be as in the past years with teachers and good friends to embrace the parting,
But our hearts are connected,
We can see each other’s smiling faces,
You can also feel the share of your heart.
I hope this special graduation ceremony will be the most memorable memory of the children’s childhood.
🎓 still has to have a sense of ritual for graduation
🎓 because of the epidemic; we’re bolder to try different ways to learn

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