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Montessori stressed that discipline must be based on freedom.
If there is no freedom.
Children are not considered independent and autonomous individuals.
And discipline has also become passive acceptance.
A product of inherent hostility to the child. In a prepared environment in Montessori, adults need to understand the child’s inner needs from a child’s perspective.
In the Montessori environment,
′′ Freedom ′′ represents that children can talk to each other in the classroom,
You can freely decide what position to do ′′ work
and can carry out work continuously for a long time without being disturbed,
can drink water when thirsty,
They see that plants can be watered when they need to be watered.
They can also talk and walk with each other etc.
Compared to the traditional education concept that requires children to sit still and not move,
Passive obey instructions, keep quiet,
Montessori freely recognizes and respects the inherent needs of children to have self-control,
It’s only like this,
Discipline in the classroom can extend the internalization into the child’s inner self-discipline.
Montessori spoke of freedom,
It is not the freedom to do as you please without restrictions,
That’s all wrong conceptual understanding,
It is thought that children in the classroom can walk around and do whatever they want.
In the Montessori classroom,
What we want is for children to find jobs that are useful for their development,
And thus put into this life-beneficial work.
There are limits to freedom.
Children are free to choose work,
But we can only select from what we offer,
Teachers will show children teaching aids according to different needs,
Children can choose the teaching aids that the teacher has already displayed for work.
This constraint is like a frame,.
And they can move freely within this frame.
The purpose of restricting is to protect the interests of others in the collective,
And the teacher needs to stop inappropriate behavior.
An environment where you can work freely and autonomously and practice various skills is in teaching the rules of discipline to children.
We are prepared to include the discipline of self-use of teaching aids:
There is only one set of each kind of teaching aids,
If a child is using,.
The other children need to wait patiently; the number of tables and chairs in the same classroom is limited,
If the positions are full,
You just need to wait patiently for the position to be released. The world’s resources are all limited.
A lot of times, we need to abide by the order and wait.
Children learn self-control, self-discipline, and comity through these.
′′ Self-discipline ′′ means that children follow routine or order,
Be right on a particular occasion:
Get on the bus and get out of the bus to queue;
No loud hustle and bustle etc., at the hospital.
These are the rules of society.
Everyone must be adaptable to life and be accepted by society.
The relationship between freedom and discipline is an essential concept in Montessori education.
It seems the complete opposite.
But, like the two sides of a coin, they are inseparable as one.

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