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Selamat pagi,

A very good morning

早安 to distinguished guest. Dr Federica Antonia, my supportive parents ,relatives,friends , dear teachers and all lovely students .

A very warm welcome to one and all. I am absolutely thrilled that we are all gathered here again on this special appreciation day. We would like to appreciate to those people that have faith with us and link us together.

Anybody knows that what date is today?

Today is 23th of August, of course that we are dating today!

How about another 8 more days which is fall on 31st of August?
National day to celebrate 60 years of Malaysia? Yes but we are not here to celebrate merdeka today but we are here for another meaningful purpose…

110 years ago, on 31 Aug 1870 a great Italian named Maria Montessori was born 💕❤💕❤

Dr Maria Montessori founded one of the most important early childhood education approach and the society has been adopting this teaching approach since 1911 and hmm let’s count, counting in 2017 it is 110 years already.

Tsp was established in 1991 and as we received warm encouragement to serve the primary level students, we expanded our wings to start Green meadows Montessori four years ago.

Today, we have a total of hundred students ranging from 2.5yo to 11yo attending both schools.
We’re extremely honored to have the ambassador from Italy Dr Federica Antonia to join us on this great day!
Let’s put our hand together to welcome Dr Federica!
Now, let’s give some credits to our young chefs – these young ladies and gentlemen ranging from 2.5 to 11yo have demonstrated exceptional dedication and effort to prepare for this special occasion.

Did you know it takes a lot of effort and countless practice to, sorry young chefs, I’m breaking this little secret to our guests… it takes a lot to effort and countless practice to stop digging nose and scratch their hair.

These children made and fine tune all the origami napkin folding, utensils display, decorate table cloth and little flowers , practice to serve honorable guests from welcome drink to dessert.

Special shout out to our awesome Montessorian teachers who have guided them throughout the preparation journey too!

Thanks again to join this brunch and hope you enjoy the meal that serve by our lovely young chefs, waiter and waitress !

Last but not least, a special song ” Things I am thankful for” that present by all students from Green meadows Montessori is ready to show

Lets enjoy


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