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☘️11 minutes and it tells you about the exciting journey in GMM Primary School!



☘️Hong Jun’s primary school graduation – 10 Oct! I read it as 10/10 and it’s perfect!

☘️A perfect milestone!

A few weeks before graduation, I have requested Ms Sam to grant me ten minutes. She said ok and asked me the purpose! I told her “ a thank you note from parent who went through the “sweet and sour” five years with teachers and school”

I made a video, about Hong Jun, to record his growth and witness the success of GMM. From a boy to a little gentleman. Thank you to teachers and school.

He is proud to say “I am GMM graduate and I will be going secondary school next year!”

Daddy and mummy are do happy for you!


鸿寯的小学毕业典礼-10月10日, 10/10, 对我来说就是个十全十美!好个满分💯,好个十全十美.


在毕业典礼的几个星期以前,我就和Ms Sam要求,在典礼上,给我十分钟。老师说好,但也问了我原因!我和她说“那是一位和学校度过了五年<<酸甜苦辣>>的父母,想要给老师和学校的简短感谢”




❤️From Foey, Hong Jun mum❤️

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