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Montessori Method, and it is also proven to help students develop soft skills. These skills help children learn essential life tasks, such as working well with others, having empathy and being trustworthy and respectful. Having preschool kids in the kitchen is first and foremost done to involve them and have them participate in the preparation of mealtime. Secondly, it is done to help them learn the valuable life skill of cooking. Lastly, it is done to refine their motor and executive functioning skills through a sequence of steps. Lastly, it is done to refine their motor and executive functioning skills through a series of steps. These activities build the child’s independence and increase their sense of self-involvement. Most of all, the child will enjoy the process, not just the product. Some age-appropriate activities that will help a preschool-aged child get started include the following:

  • Squeezing orange juice
  • Peeling and slicing vegetables
  • Spinning salad
  • Using a hand whisk
  • Washing and tearing lettuce for a salad

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