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Our son is totally different from Rebecca. He is rather slow in his language maturity, continually testing us as parent. I understand that he is special and Tadika Sri Puncak’s environment and learning cultures does enable him to grow at his own pace, for that we were thankful. We were very concern but somehow even with his shortcoming he still able to be normal kid doing what kid does. It is fine if he slow. We learn to adapt to his pace and not pushing him to catch up with ours.

We are proud to be a part of this wonderful school and after 8 beautiful years, going through as panic-stricken parents to a now slightly calmer human being, we like to apologies for those moments that we over react when we were at lost as what to do with our children. We also like to express our gratitude to all the teachers, Principal and teachers like Ms Kamala for all their patience and love which made this school a place to love, to learn.

We know that short notes of thankfulness like this will never do justice to all the love and emotional labor the teachers, Principal and helper have invested on our children.

We would not for any moment hesitate to share this school with any parents who cares about their children emotional, social and intellectual growth. May Peace and Love always be with you all.

Simon & Rebecca July 23, 2017